Things don’t always go your way in a real estate deal, and it’s sometimes hard to recover from the disappointment.  If you’ve experienced a setback while trying to buying or selling a home, here’s some advice to help you put things in perspective and prepare yourself better for the next move.


Real estate deals are emotional roller coasters and often times there are unexpected setbacks. The dream house you got bid out of.  A closing falls through at the last minute. These things happen. Sometimes the setback is so overwhelming that we feel unsure which direction to take next. We want to carry on, but we’re not sure if can muster the will to make the next right move.


Perhaps you've felt this way and hopefully the following process will help you to move forward:


1. Grieve the loss. If you're feeling disappointment, lost, shock, or sadness, don't gloss over it. Give yourself time and space to feel it. There's nothing healthy in pretending the way you feel is wrong, shameful, or otherwise weak. Don't expect to "get over it." Rather, understand it is a loss you may carry forward with time.


2. Assess what happened? What lead to this? What can you learn from the chain of events which lead to the setback? You might not have clear answers, but you will likely find something useful in reflection.


3. Recalibrate. Setbacks often redefine your reality, and change the conditions. The changes are often sudden and unpleasant, but it's best to gain some clarity on the new situation. A setback isn't the end unless you permit it to be the end.


4. Look for opportunity and act. A setback does not negate your hopes or values. It may delay or redirect your path, but to let it defeat your goals would be something far worse than a mere setback. There are still opportunities, and if you want to recover, you will need to direct your productive energy to recognizing and acting on those opportunities.


As the late singer, poet, and novelist Leonard Cohen sang, “There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.”  Look for the light through the crack in everything, even if it was your pending dream of home ownership or your next move. Believe the dream can shine through again.


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