The days leading up to an open house is just as important as the event itself. Preparing yourself and others for the event is critical to not only showcasing a property, but also building relationships with neighbors, future buyers, and people who may just provide that essential referral. One of the best ways to ensure success is to make a checklist of what must be done, and then set up alerts on your calendar to remind you to do the tasks on your checklist.

Below is an open house checklist from start to finish:

7 days before event: Create flyers with date, time, and contact info for the open house, and home/mortgage info on the house. Create a Facebook/Social Media Event and invite friends, fans, and prospects.

6 days before event: Call all your buyers to let them know about the open house.

5 days before event: Hang 100 flyers and 100 door-knockers around the neighborhood. If you run into people in the neighborhood while you’re there, introduce yourself and let them know about the open house.

2 days before event: Be sure you’ve memorized the house and its details, and know its floor plan well enough to give effective tours that showcase the property. Create an attractive sign-in sheet, featuring your photo and contact info, and offering a line for their own contact info (including email address!) and space for them to share where they heard about the open house.

30 minutes before event: Make sure the house is clean, and smells clean (many home sprays are clean and pleasant; avoid overtly floral or scented scents, as many people are allergic or sensitive to strong scents). Place 10 directional signs, each with eye-catching accessories, such as balloons to grab people’s attention and pull traffic from main intersections.

10 minutes before event: Open house and front door. Put at least two signs and 4 attention-getters out front, and an “Open” rider on the sign. Play background music, preferably something instrumental and subtle, at low volume.

Within 24-hours after event: Follow up with all contacts by phone or email.

From open house to open house, your plan will be different. Take notes. Write down what seemed to work, and what did not work. Over time, you’ll have a custom checklist which will help you efficiently and effectively prepare for blockbuster open houses. Need someone to help you with your open house? Get in touch with me today!