Maintaining indoor air quality is an extremely important but often overlooked component of a living happily in your home. By and large it’s an invisible problem, but the costs can really add up— from high energy bills to creeping health issues. 

Many homes have become so energy efficient that they’re also good at trapping dust and other pollutants. Appropriate ventilation is an important aspect of indoor air quality. This includes venting bathrooms, kitchens, and fireplaces directly outside. It’s also vital to try and store industrial chemicals such as pesticides, paints, and harsh cleaners outside of the habitable areas of the home. 

Alarms are also a useful way to keep an eye on what you’re breathing. Smoke alarms are a must for home safety, but carbon monoxide alarms are also key to keeping a silent killer at bay. Finally, periodic radon testing is a good idea. Radon, a radioactive gas, is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It is a known contributor to lung cancer. You can only know how much is in your home by testing. 

Of course, one of the most neglected home maintenance chores is regular replacement of air filters. This is surprising, given that changing the filters is typically among the easiest tasks a homeowner can do. What’s more, the simple act of replacing filters increases HVAC efficiency, extends the life of your heating and cooling system, and also lowers energy bills. 

The problem’s not the complexity of the task, it’s often remembering to do it.

One company hopes to solve this problem and save homeowners time and money. FilterEasy delivers air filters when it’s time to change them. The process is straightforward: First, you select the number of filters for your home. Next, you compile the sizes and choose your filter “grade,” either light allergen, micro allergen, or super allergen. 

You can check FilterEasy out online: or you can go to your local hardware supply store. 

 Check out this video on how to change your filter.  

If you’d like to breathe a little easier in your home, follow up with these minor home maintenance tasks and inexpensive tools. High air quality is also an excellent selling quality for you home! If you’re thinking about listing soon, get in touch with me today:

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