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Preventive Measures We Are Taking to Reduce the Risk of Contracting the Coronavirus

Preventive Measures the Watkins Team RE are taking to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus when working with buyers, sellers, and renters.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been listening to some fears about buying and selling homes and we are finding ways to work together to assist everyone who’s looking to buy or sell a home.
Here are just a few things we are initiating immediately to keep our clients and community safe.

1) Screening every seller, buyer, and renter who wants to see a home. This means asking EVERY buyer and renter questions about their travel, particularly to areas identified as having an increased risk of coronavirus.  We screen sellers, renters, and current tenants so we’re not unknowingly bringing you into an infected zone.

2) Maximizing technology to help with scheduling and signing in. This starts with scheduling showings using the internet so all you have to do is show up. If we do run an open house, we have technology that allows clients to sign in using their own phone or digital format. And if God forbids, technology fails us, we have a box of pens standing by so each person gets a pen. We have a supply of gloves, wipes and hand sanitizer. We will also be utilizing the power of video on social media.  We do a video for every property we list, and now we’re also doing more thorough property tours so we can share with those who can’t come to see the homes.

3) For those who can’t travel to view, this is exactly when we use the technology! We’re consulting with buyers and sellers via Zoom or Facetime. We can use Facetime to tour homes in real-time. Multiple properties have been sold without the buyer or renter ever stepping foot in the home.

4) We may ask you to stay out of your home a bit longer so we can get more people in.  Instead of having everyone coming in a 30-60 minute window, we’re showing the property one at a time.

5) We’re offering complimentary supplies and services so you can make sure your home is clean after each tour. We have Lysol, disinfecting wipes, and cleaning people standing by.

6) If you have anyone in your home who’s at high risk.  We absolutely trust that you will make the right decision about exposing the outside public to your home.

7) If you do not need to buy, sell or rent immediately, we’re going to be here when the time comes. Homes will be coming on and off the market every day! The right home will be there when it’s the time!

As real estate agents, we are concerned about you and your family, so we may try to accommodate showings with fewer people, and do more virtual tours, etc. Especially for those who are caregivers for the elderly.

Here’s what we know — the coronavirus is impacting all of us, even those who don’t have any real estate needs. Our economy relies on people, sales and services. What we do TODAY to change the way we do business will have a direct impact and ripple effect on our future, including who gets exposed to the virus and all those business owners who are being financially impacted.

We’ve been here before, after 9/11, after Hurricane Sandy, after the crash in 2008, etc. Now, more than ever, if you need anything, from financial advice, tax advice, planning, travel, health, etc, We’re here to connect you. And for those of you who are unable to go into the public, we are happy to help you to try to get the things you need. We are literally all in this together, so please, don’t be embarrassed to reach out!

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Denise and Reginald Watkins

The Watkins Team RE thanks The  National Association of Realtors, and Tom Ferry for contributing to this blog.  Follow The Watkins Team RE on Facebook, and Instagram.   Reginald and Denise are with Samson Properties and serves Washington DC, MD, and VA with Bowie MD being the center of their business.